Terms and conditions

  1. The more detailed information and quantity of items the customer can provide, the more accurate our quotation will be. Customers can schedule a free on-site quotation, provide pictures or video clips to us for convenient fee assessment. If the number of items exceeds 10% of what the customer reported on the day of moving, the company reserves the right to add additional charges.
  2. Extra charges will apply if the customer fails to report the following situations:
    1. • Absence of an elevator
    2. • Stairs need to be climbed before reaching the elevator
    3. • Remote parking location (over 30 meters away)
  3. Customers are responsible for packing miscellaneous items into boxes themselves; if the company is required to handle this on the day of moving, the company reserves the right to charge additional packaging fees.
  4. If disassembly is required due to oversized items unable to enter the gate, elevator, stairs, or building, please inform us during the quotation, otherwise, the company will charge additional disassembly fees.
  5. The company does not include any installation of water, electricity, gas, air conditioning, or wall drilling. Additional quotations will be provided if customers require these services.
  6. Before and after the moving service, customers are required to count the number of items themselves. Any questions should be raised immediately. The company will not entertain any inquiries raised by the customer after the staff has left the relevant unit.
  7. For valuable items, customers are advised to purchase insurance themselves. In case of any damage or loss, the maximum compensation will be 30% of the moving fee and not exceeding HK$500, whichever is lower.
  8. After the customer pays the deposit, they must confirm the moving date within 3 months. Otherwise, it will be considered as the customer canceling the reservation, and the deposit will not be refunded.
  9. If the customer wishes to cancel or change the moving date, they need to notify the company 2 days in advance. For same-day cancellations or changes, the company reserves the right to forfeit the deposit and charge an administrative fee of HK$800.
  10. In the event of adverse weather conditions on the day of moving, or the issuance of a Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above, or a Black Rainstorm Warning by the Observatory, the company will discuss with the customer to reschedule the moving service date and time.
  11. The company will provide moving services according to normal standards, but these standards are not a commitment and do not constitute part of the agreement.
  12. The company will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by delays in transportation.
  13. If customer items remain unpaid for storage fees after 3 months at LK Logistics warehouse, the company will dispose of them as waste at a landfill and charge the customer administrative fees, moving fees, and government garbage collection fees.
  14. The company will not be responsible for water or fire insurance incidents such as fire, explosion, typhoon, lightning, flooding, automobile collision accidents (caused by third-party vehicles), or malicious damage, demonstrations, mudslides, natural disasters, or water tank and pipe installations that cause losses while customer goods are stored at LK Logistics Moving Company. Customers are advised to purchase structural fire insurance for buildings if needed.
  15. Customers are responsible for purchasing insurance for their goods themselves. The company will not be liable for any intentional or accidental damage, loss, or destruction of goods.
  16. The storage units provided by the company are only for storing items and cannot be used for any purposes other than storage or for purposes that violate the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  17. If customers violate any regulations regarding storage units, the storage service will be terminated immediately without any refunds or compensation.
  18. Tenants can freely decide to extend or terminate the lease term. The last month’s rent will be prorated based on the proportion of days in that month. If the lease exceeds half a month, it will be calculated on a monthly basis.
  19. The company reserves the final decision-making authority in case of any disputes.
  20. In the event of any inconsistencies between the Chinese and English versions of these terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.