LK Logistics is your professional partner for house moving, immigration moving, and storage services.

Whether it’s a small or large move, we can provide the highest quality moving services. You can trust our professional team to pack, transport, disassemble and assemble furniture, rearrange furniture, clear rubbish, and even clean and disinfect your home after renovation. We also have a partnered cleaning company that offers cleaning services at extremely competitive prices.

We understand that moving can be a complex task, so we are committed to providing the most professional and reliable service to ensure your moving process goes smoothly without any hitches.

Why choose LK Logistics?



Our experienced team is familiar with various moving techniques and safety measures, ensuring the safety and integrity of your belongings.


Thoughtful Service

We communicate with you before the move to understand your needs and requirements, ensuring that every detail is taken care of.



We strive to provide efficient services, ensuring that your moving plan is completed on time, reducing your worries and troubles.


Reasonable Prices

Our prices are fair and reasonable, ensuring quality service without burdening your budg

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No matter where you’re moving to or what items you’re moving, we will do our best to ensure your moving experience is a pleasant one. Contact us now and let us help you complete a smooth moving journey!


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