LK Logistics offers a one-stop moving service tailored for the people of Hong Kong.

We do more than just move furniture and appliances; we also provide professional piano moving services!

Whether you live in a high-rise building, a flat, or a village house, we can safely deliver your beloved piano to its destination.

Moving a piano is no easy task, so it’s essential to choose an experienced moving company.

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Key Features of Our Piano Moving Service:

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Rich Experience

We have extensive moving experience, especially in the field of piano moving. Whether it’s an electronic piano, a grand piano, or an antique piano, we can safely and accurately deliver the piano to its destination.

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Professional Equipment

We have advanced moving equipment and tools to ensure the safe transportation of pianos, avoiding any damage or collisions.

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Careful Handling

Each piano is precious to us, and we handle them with care to ensure no damage occurs during the moving process.


Safety Assurance

We provide comprehensive insurance coverage. During the moving process, your piano is under our protection, so you can rest assured.

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Choose LK Logistics, and you’re not just moving a piano; you’re moving something dear to your heart! Contact us now for professional and reliable piano moving services!

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